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This is information gathered of parentpages.net and from personal experience. It is not whole or complete and could change at any time. I have just put some resources here for parents in Taiwan to try and make it a little easier to find information. For more info I suggest a search at parentpages. If you have any additional resources you would like to share please send me an email at angie@beautifulbeginnings.com.tw





A forum for English speaking parents in Taiwan.



A comprehensive guide to living in Taiwan




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Dr. Calvin E. Chiang, at (02) 2507-2222, http://www.woman.org.tw

Sung Jiang and Chang An Roads


Tai-An hospital


Dr Lin Qing Quan

Dr. Lin Pei-Yin


Veterns Shilin

Several friends have used Dr Cheng (not sure of exact spelling!) in Chung Shan N Rd, sec 6. number 256 (look for a big yellow sign!). This is their clinic and they deliver at Veterans


Chung Shan Hospital

Bernice Chen- Very kind, open and friendly female doctor

Jean Chang-Extremley capable and professional female doctor

Monty Li- Confident, take charge kind of guy


Kangning Hospital in Neihu 

Dr. Yin Changsheng


Wanfang Hospital

Dr Chang- Reliable and informative male doctor




Dr. Chen at the Cathay General hospital

Dr Bear's Clinic
Zhongshan N Road, Sec 7,
Lane 82, #9
Ph: 2872-9980
9-12, 2-5, 6-9

Veterans Paediatricians

Dr. Fun-Cheng Lin ENT
Chung Shan N. Rd, sec 7, Lane 14, #2, 3F

Dr. Chuang at the First Children't Hospital. Her address is Tien Mou North Road, No 68-10, 1st Floor.

Chu, Der-Ming Tri-Service General Hospital
325 Cheng Kung Rd Sec 2 Neihu
Ph: 23659055

Dr.Tsai at Chung Shan


She's affiliated here with both Cathay and Zhongshan Hospitals. Her name is Ke Jia-yin, the practice is called Dr. Kua's Pediatrics Clinic. Address is No. 12, Alley 127, Sec. 1, Anhe Road (between Ren'ai and Xinyi). Phone number is 2708-0337.





Dr. David at Dr. David's Dentistry and Arts in Tienmu.

2876 7658

Toronto Dental Clinic
Tel: 2570-1235
#45 YenJin St


1F, No. 69, Dun Hua S. Rd. Sec. 1
north of Civil Blvd.


There is a good pediatric dentist at Tai-An Hospital on Ba-De Road. His name is Dr. Peter Chen. He is a pedia specialist2771-8739


"Dr. Zac" at Louis Dental Clinic, right by Breeze Center (nearest MRT Zhongxiao/Fuxing station). 02-2752-0796 #51 Fuxing Rd. 2F

Also on ZongXiao e. road I always see a dentists office Kids Orange

 Lactation Consultant

 Dr. Young

No.424, Sec. 2, Jhonghua Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City 108 (near the botanic gardens)
Phone of Clinic: 2303-2450   Time: Mon~Fri: 9:00-12:00)