Birth Doula


This package includes two prenatal meetings, labor and birth support and one postpartum meeting. I will also be available to you to answer questions that come up during your pregnancy and can provide guidance on choosing a birth place and asking questions to make sure you and your doctor are on the same page.


The prenatal meetings are to discuss what to expect, pain management, your birth plan, your postpartum plan and breastfeeding.

I go on call for you at 38 weeks until 42 weeks which means I will be available for you when you need me, any time of day. I meet you in active labor and stay with you until baby is born. I normally stay about one hour after the birth to help baby get started breastfeeding and make sure you are all settled.


At the hospital, I help with positions, pain relief and provide continuous support throughout. I can also help your partner help you and give him a break for food and sleep. I can help with communication with your caregivers  (I speak basic Chinese) and describe all procedures to you and discuss options so that you can make informed choices. I meet you again at your home when you’re discharged to answer newborn care questions, help with feeding issues and make referrals if needed for lactation consultants, postpartum depression support, pediatricians and what ever else you need to make the transition to parenting smoother.





Birth Classes


There is an outline of material covered on the birth classes page.

The classes cost 6800nt and include 8 hours of class (4 hours a day), all materials and lunch. 



Consultation packages


I am available for home visits at any point. From preparing to become pregnant, until toddler years. Packages up to 100 hours are available. These can be used to discuss pregnancy, labor, what to prepare for a baby, birth plans, birth place options and questions for caregivers. Postpartum, I can visit for up to four hours a day after baby is born to help with answering any newborn questions, infant care while you rest and lactation support. 




Virtual Doula Services


I am available as a virtual doula if I’m traveling or you are in another part of Taiwan besides the north. 


Just as with my regular doula services, the package includes two prenatal meetings and one postpartum meeting. I would go on call for you starting at 38 weeks, which means I’ll be available to take your call day or night, when labor starts. During labor we can call, facetime or zoom. While I won't be there to provide hands on support I can still guide your partner to help you with pain relief techniques, decision making and explain options and procedures. This has become the standard doula care during Covid in much of the world.






Angie's Cell  0975266833