Childbirth Classes

Prenatal / Antenatal / Childbirth Education Classes in Taipei, Taiwan


I provide English language birth classes/prenatal/ante-natal class in Taipei.

Location will be decided after confirmation of number of participants. I will rent an office in a downtown location accessible by MRT. Classes are held on Saturday afternoons and are eight hours in total. Two sessions of four hours each.


Classes will be 

  • highly interactive and participative

  • non judgmental

  • evidence based

  • fun


Class Subjects




Class One:



Giving birth in Taiwan

What happens during labor?
What does labor look like?
Learning relaxation
Needs during labor
Positive images of birth

Fear and tension in labor

Using breathing as a strategy

Perfect drug
Positioning for labor
Exploring options
Massage techniques


Class Two

Cascade of Intervention

Touch relaxation

Decision making

Cesarean Birth

Possible Labour Variations and Complications

Birth plans

Birth Bag

Reasons for breastfeeding
How breastfeeding works

Breastfeeding complications
Postpartum Depression
Crying Baby


Any interested parents send me an email at




Why Take Childbirth Education?



Whether you're a first-time mom or having your second baby or more, a childbirth education class can help you prepare to meet the challenges of labor and delivery.


Learn things you never knew about labour and birth

Meet other parents

Address your fears

Learn about options to deal with pain

As a partner learn how to help

Find out about Taiwan birth options and choices

Learn how to make informed decisions for birth and beyond


The Early Weeks


By becoming informed you will be less fearful and have a better birth. When you are empowered with knowledge and know your options you can make the best choices for you and your family.